Mastermind – These two hours a week ALWAYS bring me value!

Each Friday I meet with these amazing people on the picture to the right. We are a Mastermind group. This means that we share with each other about our business and help each other with feedback and support.

I wanted to make this very tangible for you, so I’m going to go through how we run our Mastermind Group. Hopefully, it will inspire you to either join or start your own group.

Mastermind group

Why a Mastermind group…

I was feeling a bit lonely as a Solopreneur. No one really to talk to about my business and my challenges, other than big Facebook groups where I had no idea who was reading along. So I was looking for some amazing people to share the ups and downs in my business with. Someone to get advice from on the different aspects of my business where I felt stuck.

That is where my Mastermind group is AMAZING! I will write another post on how to start a mastermind group. Today, I just want to tell you about how we run it. And give you a shot introduction to the amazing people in my group.

Basic rules we follow in the Mastermind group

We have three basic rules that we follow in the group. These rules are the base of the group. They help us respect each other and the room we created.

#1. Attendance is mandatory (other than family emergencies etc..)

Rule #1 is to make sure we all have the same commitment to the group and each other. We all know its important that we show up.

#2. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas

Rule #2 is all about trust – If we cant trust each other, we are not to much help.

#3. Be able to both give AND receive constructive criticism.

And rule #3 is there so that we are all aware that the mastermind is a place of growth and feedback so that we can move our businesses in the right direction – as well as ourselves.

How we run our Mastermind meetings

I find that structure in these meetings are a huge plus. That is why we run each meeting based on the same structure. We are in agreement that we have at least an hour, if we have more time, we just keep going.

Each time one of us is in the hot-seat, with a challenge or a teaching, or whatever makes sense to that person. Mostly its getting feedback on somthing we feel stuck in. Also ther person who was in the hot-seat the week before is the moderator of the meeting.

This is our structure:

1 – We start by sharing our wins of the week – Each person has 3 minutes (we actually reasently changed this from 5 minutes).

2 – The person in th hotseat presents their challenge (or makes the presentation)

3 – We respons with feedback and ideas for the person in the hot-seat (or ask questions for the presenter about the topic)

4 – Free speach

After about an hour some of us usually have a hard stop, and they just drop of. At this point the conversation either continues with the feedback for the hot-seat challange, or we start talking about other things.

At some point we ended the session by looking at our goals for the week to come, but looking at the time we had, we decided to do this in writing instead.

The amazing people in my group


He is the co-owner of a company called Automated Rig Technologies, it’s their mission to Advance the land-based Drilling Industry through Innovation.


He also support his wives business Soul Collective yyc from a admin perspectiv.



She has started an amazing podcast, where her goal is to interview women from all over the world – You can find it here: Gladiatrix.


She also did an interview with me, listen to it here!



He has the site goalengineer about setting goals. His perspective is really cool, as he draws on his bacground in engineering.



She is a very productive woman and has multiple projects running. Her focused project online is Refocused Income.


She also has various vacation and concierge planning businesses in Isla Mujeres, Mexico