Mastermind: How to add new members to your group.


You might have already read my two other posts on Mastermind groups: Mastermind – These two hours a week ALWAYS bring me value! and Mastermind groups – How to start one! In this post, I’m going to let you know what we do when a member leaves and we need to add a new one.

When adding new members to our mastermind group we first discuss potential candidates internally in the group. Then we reach out, and lastly, we do have a trial meeting for that person, to see if there is chemistry with the group.

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When someone leaves

For some reason or another, people are going to leave a mastermind group som time to time.

Either because:

  1. They don’t feel like the group fits them (either on a personal level or a business level)
  2. They might fall ill
  3. They close down their business.
  4. Or just other personal reasons

If you have a great group, it won’t happen as often, but life does happen.

So what then happens is that the remaining group members talk about whom they would like to join the group. Is there a group of people everyone knows and has references to – Then it’s easier to talk about if they might be a fit.

We each present 2-3 people we think could be a match and then talk about it till we have 2-3 candidates on a prioritized list.

This whole conversation we have in my group is in a locked channel in discord. This way we can delete it again before adding the new member.

Reach out

The next thing that happens is that one of the members of the group will reach out to the first person on the list. This can be the person who leads the group (if you have a leader) or the person with the strongest relation to the potential new member.

When reaching out there are some important things to make clear to the potential new member for it to work.

  1. Do they find the concept of the Mastermind group interesting?
  2. Are they available to meet at your regular meeting time?
  3. Are they OK with the group rules?

The group rules are often simple, see our masterminds rules below. If they feel like this is something they would like to participate in, they are invited to a meeting.

Group rules

#1. Attendance is mandatory (other than family emergencies etc..)

#2. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas

#3. Be able to both give AND receive constructive criticism.

Do they match the group?

The first meeting is a sort of discovery meeting. A place where we all say hello and introduce ourselves to the potential new member. The member of cause also introduces themselves.

In some groups they choose to run a regular meeting, in others, they choose to make it more of an intro meeting. There are pros and cons to both.

At the end of the meeting, the potential new member is asked to think about if they feel like this is a group they would like to be a part of.

The mastermind group then does the same – Talk about if they feel like the person would be a great fit.

If both parties agree, then the new member is now a part of the group, and in our case, we delete the discord channel, as I mentioned.

If they don’t, then it’s on to the next person.

In my mastermind group, we are five people, and only two of us have been there from the beginning. It might take some time to find a really good group. Not that the people that left our group wasn’t great people, they left for personal reasons. I do really feel that we have an amazing group now.


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