I am testing my new coaching program – you can see the base structure below. If interested in a spot, sign up here and fill out the form.

I have worked with Diana and her program, and this is amazing.

My business is on fire and I have reached my goals.

Diana is looking right to all my limiting beliefs, and make it simple for me to see what my next move should be. Diana is pleasant company, and a I know that everything she does is in my best interest.

I am recommending Diana and Get shit done.


Solopreneur, MomFidence

Work with me, and we go through this process together…

You feel stuck

You have a problem in your business and feel stuck. It could be with developing a concept, making a strategic plan, or organizing your time.

 Work with me - Discovery call

You book me via this link (insert a link to calendar) – and we spend about 20 min to figure out if we are the right fit.

Mapping the challenge

We have a call mapping out your challenge in detail and speaking about the blocks you have around this challenge.


We work with this block through hypnoses, to remove it and give you a clear mind to work with your challenge and towards your goal.

Making a plan

We make a step-by-step plan for you to reach your goal.

Create accountability

After making the plan, you can choose to work with me on a membership-based plan. You will get a call each week as well as the option to write me for follow-up.

Once a month we have a mastermind call in my group.

Reaching your goal

You are AWESOME! You reached your goal. Nice work!