Get Shit Done Coach - I help you reach your goals!

Get Shit Done Coach

Your Planning and Accountability Partner

If you are dreaming of starting your own business, or just started, but are feeling stuck, I can help you.
I help you make a step by step plan, to keep you on track towards your dream business and dream life. And i hold you accountable. When things become overwhelming, we look at them together and figure out where to start, for you to keep moving. You should never be spinning in your journey towards your dream life.
“Diana helped me, in our 1:1 sessions, both developing my business, but also my mindset.
She has an eye for detail and her honest feedback is invaluable. She manages to see my business even though she does not know my target audience.

With Dianas help I have a better sense of my own business, and have become better at communicating directly for my audience. I have a completely new positive mentality towards my own ability in my business.

There is no doubt that with Diana as my Planning and Accountability Partner, I have felt seen and heard in my own business, and it has helped me progress tremendously in my business, in a very short time.”


Owner, MomFidence