Fun with Fundraising

Fun with Fundraising is a new podcast where I interview people who have interesting stories to share about fundraising for charity. The idea is to inspire you to find the perfect way for you to fundraise for your favorite charity. Along with the interviews, you can also follow my own journey of raising $100.000 for the MS society in 2021. Every Tuesday I share an episode with a focus on my planning, work, and journey to reach this goal. On Thursdays, I share an inspiring interview with your, with an amazing person who has been fundraising themselves, or worked within the area.

2021 Route

The Route I’m going to virtually follow, and see how far I get in 2021 🙂 Do you want to come along? See who walks the most km’s? We start on the 1st of January 2021.

Rødovre – 0 km

Berlin – 416 km

Amsterdam – 1054 km

Paris – 1534 km

Barcelona – 2532 km

Monaco – 3213 km

Rome – 3824 km

Zürich – 4760 km

Vienna – 5432 km

Prague – 5722 km

Route Spain to Czechia