7 Steps to Plan and Start Your Business

The ONE thing You need to achieve Your business dream,

and earn good money from it, is a plan.

Here you get 7 steps to make that plan and achieve your business dream

“The best thing for me, in this guide, is the tools to help me change my mindset and think about goals and sub-goals. It really helped me make a plan, both for when to work, but also when not to work, which is really important for me.”
Dorthe Lillevang

“This guide really helped me to start planning and stay focussed. It is easy to get started with, written in an easily understood language, the steps are simple and have good examples. It is simple, easy, what’s not to like.”
Rosalina Ingalil

About Diana Lund

Diana is an author, speaker, NLP practitioner and holds a masters degree in Brand and Communications Management from Copenhagen Business School.

She is helping aspiring business owners get clear and focussed on their business plans, by creating accountability for them to plan out and start their business.